Work with a big W?

Work (big W) and work (little w) or is that two big W?..

Work (big W) and work (little w) or is that two big Ws?..

Since starting the muka kids journey I have found life to act in a strange series of serendipitous events. 

For example, a day of serious self-doubt (and what I see as quite reasonable desire to just have a straight forward job with a predictable income and a level of security for my kids) is followed up by chancing upon this interview . It was with a soil scientist (Stephen Nortcliff) about changing the lives of women in rural India via a self-composting toilet, which not only gave them a loo when they had never had one, and better hygiene but also brought about an organic crop growing system with the ummm proceeds would you call them?

Even this blog had a serendipitous start to it. I was thinking about the personal sacrifices many people make (much more than any I have) all over the world to step outside the normal frame of life and work, to try to have a wee impact to change things up. I spotted this video about the tax system in my FB feed, which gave me a whole new perspective on how we as a society could, through a bit of different thinking, support such undertakings.

In the video Silvia the founder of a social enterprise  (Chalkle) here in Wellington talks about Work (big W) and work (little w). Work (big W) is the stuff you want to achieve in the world, your legacy I guess.  Sometimes Work aligns with the work (little w) –  the stuff that you need to get on and survive- but often it does not.  Here are some examples I think will be  familiar to many: Parenting and paying the bills; Care giving for elderly parents and paying the bills; Cleaning up the coastlines & waterways and paying the bills. You get the point.  All a hard juggle Work & work. But they are many of us that continue this juggle because doing Work, our legacy, is how good society is built and thrives.

So where was I? oh that is right serendipity. I guess what I am trying to say is that the big stuff in life, the important stuff is worth doing for sure, but the decision to do it does not make the path easy, in fact it is kind of rutted and a little overgrown and you want to turn back  or just sit down and eat a whole lot of chocolate (I mean a lot). However, the stuff that keeps you going, that refocusses you, that forces you pull up your woolly socks and just keeping going is the little stuff, the serendipitous stuff. The small reminders that life was never meant to be a free ride, that if it is worth doing it is going to take grit and stamina and tears (and chocolates) and that it may never get easier and there ain’t no shame in finding it thus.

(though I have to say a system that support the alignment of Work and work a bit better would be a pretty great thing!)


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