The story behind the name muka kids

Muka is the thick thread or twine created by hand processing the cut leaves of the flax or harakeke plant that grows in abundance throughout New Zealand. It is used (among other things) to weave and create the base of traditional kākahu (cloaks), worn by Maori.  Muka is more than just a thread however, it is a powerful connecting material, with great spiritual significance.

‘Muka creates … connections – through the stories that cloaks carry. .. muka links the ancestors who made or owned them with their descendants today, drawing together the past, present, and future’ (

maori woman preparing muka 2000.018.0063a

Maori woman preparing flax fibre for weaving. Horowhenua Historical Society Inc.

Here in New Zealand at muka kids we are developing and growing a business that focuses on a better and more sustainable way of making and wearing clothes. Put another way we are making threads with meaning that clearly connect the people that wear the clothes with the people and places they come from, so ‘muka’ was the perfect fit.

Fundamental to the muka kids way of doing thins is that we do not compromise on looking good.  Good design is a fundamental part of the sustainability story. We want to give adults and kids who want to tread lightly on the environment, and care about the people making their clothes, a genuine choice to buy and wear great looking clothes and to be part of a sustainable solution to the business of getting dressed.

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