The Most Affordable Organic Baby Clothes Online

affordable organic baby clothes online

It is easy to find affordable organic baby clothes online


Pregnancy – especially when you are having your first baby is an alarming time alright. You feel an enormous pressure to do the right thing and get the right thing and it becomes overwhelmingly expensive. You know that putting your baby in organic cotton clothing is on balance probably the better thing to go with, both for the baby and the environment (science indicates it is), but dressing & sleeping this tiny new human being in affordable organic baby clothes just seems an impossible dream.

Fear not! There are affordable organic baby clothes online to be found (and in person)

 In general new organic baby clothing is more expensive intially. Some of this is because it costs organic cotton farmers more to produce organically (about 10% more), and organic fabric dyers more to use fewer chemicals and ensure the waste water is not toxic  (another 10%). Some of the expense comes because there are now requirements of those who produce certified organic cotton fabric & clothing to treat workers more ethically (which costs more), some of the cost is because the market is smaller – fewer clothes being produced means more expensive production (economies of scale and all that), some of the cost is because organic baby clothes are a better quality product (the garment makers spend longer cutting and constructing) and some of the cost is just because …well organic baby clothes are viewed as a luxury product and there is a premium associated with that.

But there is hope..

How to Get Affordable organic baby clothes online

 1)  Preloved Organic Baby Clothes from Online Marketplaces, Friends, Clothing swaps etc

As a parent you will learn to both love and hate the preloved clothing thing. You love it because you can get inexpensive baby clothes, even free baby clothes! But you hate it because the quality of the stuff you get given can be poor and it just does not last (it is the curse of the cheap fashion production model that dominates). But asking your friends & family to only hand down the quality organic baby clothes is kind of rude, so the best bet is to look for pre-loved organic baby clothes online, at baby swaps and second hand outlets. To be honest looking for preloved online is going to give you the most options for the best organic baby clothes. The downside is the time as it can be a bit of a trawl through online market places (and well you have bigger fish to fry, children to feed, dress, change, change again and oh and really seriously again?).

This is exactly why we have developed our muka kids marketplace. A single place to buy and sell pre loved (& some new end of line, seconds products that would otherwise go to waste) organic baby clothes online (kids & adults clothes too). A marketplace focused on making quality, certified organic cotton clothing brands and ethical clothing brands more accessible for everyone.

We have also complied A LIST of the top organic baby clothing brands and ethical clothing brands we love, from the UK, USA, NZ, Australia and more. We see lots of these brands on our marketplace.

What If You Need NEW Affordable Organic Baby Clothes Right Now? (because someone has to buy new to get the pre-loved thing going right?)

Sometimes going pre loved baby clothing is just not the way you want to go, and sometimes you want to support the small businesses doing business the ethical and sustainable way. In which case you best approach is

2)   Sign up to the newsletters & social media of organic cotton baby clothes brands you love

In signing up you usually get a discount up front. In addition, the brands will let you know early about any organic baby clothes sale, and if you follow them on facebook you often pick up one day sales and deals on their organic cotton baby clothes online.

3) Get your parents & loved ones to sign up to the newsletters & social media of organic cotton baby clothes brands you love (or better still sign them up with their permission!)

Lets face it lots of our new kids clothes come as gifts, so if your parents, grandparents and other chief gift givers get alerts and discounts straight to their inbox it means that you end up with the new organic cotton baby clothing you feel comfortable with (and they don’t have to ask so all awkwardness is avoided!)

4) Become a ‘ReGooder’ on muka kids

In order to encourage people to invest in organic baby clothes for their baby,  organic clothes for their older kids and even themselves (because we believe it is important for parents,  for the makers and producers of organic cotton clothes and the planet), muka kids will partner with the top organic baby clothes brands in the UK, USA, Australia, NZ to bring you discounts on new clothing when you also trade your preloved organic baby clothing online on the muka kids market place. As a feel good bonus we have a unique scheme that means your buying and selling on the muka marketplace also gives direct help to women cotton farmers trying to pull themselves out of poverty. Here is how it all works.

Buying organic cotton baby clothing this way may actually be CHEAPER than conventional clothing

With all these discounts on new organic baby clothing, along side buying and selling preloved organic baby clothing online on muka kids you can dress your baby in modern organic baby clothes in a way that is affordable. When you take into account that small organic cotton clothing brands tend to produced much better quality clothing (ie. they last longer than cheaply made clothes and you get more kids through them),  organic cotton baby clothes and kids clothes may actually end up being cheaper than conventional cotton baby clothes. My personal experience with Boys&Girls (a cool UK organic baby & kids clothing brand) and many of the other brands on our 20 Organic Clothing & Ethical Clothing Brands We Love List has been outstanding (and no one paid me to say that!)

So you can get affordable organic baby clothes online or off – it just takes a bit of thinking outside of the square (ours not yours!).

Jess Berentson-Shaw founded the social enterprise muka kids’ to connect consumers, designers and garment workers across the world, and empower them to make the clothing industry a sustainable one. Muka kids has a marketplace to trade preloved organic, ethical & sustainable clothing. Through its partnerships with accredited brands it also helps make new sustainable clothing more affordable. Sales on the marketplace fund a micro finance scheme for women cotton farmers in India trying to pull themselves out of poverty.

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