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The Tortoise NOT the Hare


animal dreams

This is a story that has animal references. To be truthful I am not entirely sure why, but perhaps in life there is not many a situation that cannot be understood through an animal analogy. Also it may be because at present in our house there seems to be a fixation on the animal world (namely those we eat).



Is this chicken?

Indeed it is.

How did the chicken die? Did someone shoot it in the head with a bow and arrow?’

Que hysterical laughter as I picture a chicken farmer trying desperately to cull free range chickens (yep that is how we roll in our house free range cluckers) via a feathered arrow to its teeny weeny chicken head. Perhaps it was not so much funny  (it was 5.30pm on a midweek night after a day struggling with ‘the balance’ -you know the work/life/money/ home/new business one), as it was just that I had gone a bit loopy.

But hey ho this is not a story about a Gary Larson cartoon, rather it is about pacing myself in the world of start-ups.

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