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I love colour. I especially love colour in unexpected pairings and surprising tones. I think clothing, especially kids clothing could be so much more exciting colourwise.  So you would think that choosing colour for clothing designs would not be too onerous a task for me. HA!

Welcome to the confusing world of textile & design colours ala Pantone colour tones LTD (just think the Nestle of the colour processing world – though I am note sure they have links with big tobacco, so maybe not such a good analogy).

Anyway, imagine choosing a new wall colour but 1000 times worse. As Pantone textile charts are so VERY expensive, I of course got the cheapest chart I could (come on I am a start-up!) .This people is a book of thousands of tiny little jewels of colour the size of a small woman’s thumbnail.  Beautiful, but hmmmm not so good for trying to visualize how colour will look on a length of fabric.

Unlike choosing your wall colour, you cannot pop down to the paint shop, buy all the different shades you are considering, and create a huge patchwork wall to ponder in all different lights the nuances of half and quarter versions of varying shades of pantyhose. Actually when put like this I am not sure choosing the pantone colour is actually worse than paint selecting. But it is at least on par in terms of difficulty, with frankly a lot more riding on a poor decision than a ‘do over’ on the feature wall.

Yellow, how I do love you and believe you to be a much maligned colour, but really you have some fair ugly sides. Lets hope I can choose the right one from those teeny tiny jewels of colour!

Beautiful but potentially deadly. Pantone Cotton Colour Chart.

Beautiful but potentially deadly. Pantone Cotton Colour Chart.

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