We are a community

We are a community.

Our mission

muka kids is a social enterprise, and our mission is to empower those who make AND those who wear ethical clothing (and those who want to wear it!), to end the harm done to people and the environment by the clothing industry.

More specifically what does muka kids exist to do? Well here are our big four goals:

  1. We want to make it really easy for everyone buy ethical and sustainable clothing. We say ‘Not a niche – just normal’.
  2. We want to empower women cotton farmers in India with the means to escape poverty and improve their position in their community, by providing them with small loans (microloans) to start and expand their own small businesses (learn more about the woman).
  3. We want to improve the sustainability (reduce the environmental footprint) created by unsustainable manufacture and limited/single use approach to clothing.
  4. We want to empower clothing makers to grow their ethical and sustainable products (clothing lines and business practices).

About us


Jess Berentson-Shaw. Coffee Drinker. Ideas Woman.

muka kids was founded by Jess Berentson-Shaw as an antidote to what she saw was happening in the clothing industry all over the world and how she felt that system diminished all of us. As a scientist by training Jess knew that it takes WAY more than just telling people to do things a different way to get things working differently.  You have to find ways to change the system that supports that unsustainable way in the first place and make it easy for people to opt out. (more on Jess’ journey).

On a trip to India to research how ethical clothing was made, Jess traveled from cotton field to factory talking to producers all the way along that chain. Jess knew that muka kids was not destined to make ethical clothes, rather it was destined to support those that did and those that wore them. So muka kids the community was born: a partnership between all those who are part of the journey of ethical clothing.

muka kids exists to make it easier for cotton farmers, clothing makers and clothing sellers to be part of a more evolved and better system of producing clothes. It exists to make it easier for those that wear and would like to wear ethical clothing to be part of that more evolved and better system. It is a community that does some real good for everyone involved not just a few. (Learn more about how muka kids works)

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