Procrastination my old friend

This is NOT me. This is other people getting on with important tasks.

This is NOT me. This is other people getting on with important tasks. Efficiently.

So it goes something like this

  1. Get freaked out by a new task I have never done before in a new profession I know really very little about and it seems kind of insurmountable
  2. Tidy
  3. Do other fun design stuff
  4. Do some contract research work
  5. Facebook update
  6. Check personal facebook
  7. Cuddle the baby
  8. Make Coffee
  9. Read paper online
  10. Give myself pep talk about sucking it up and just getting on with it
  11. Look back at freaky new task

and repeat….

This is kind of a new thing for me. I am the kind of annoying person who says to my partner ‘you are SO the type of person that would rather do something tomorrow than today’, and I say it kind of smugly and maybe perhaps I even have a few judgmental thoughts. Actually I definitely have a few of them.

But now, aha! The chickens come home to roost.

I am doing what are called technical specifications or packs. These are the really detailed instructions and pictures that the manufacturers require for costing, sampling and sewing. And when I say really detailed I mean every single bit of thread, stitch, fabric join, colour, print, placement, button, tag, packaging etc, in both written and drawn form. And it is utterly freaking me out, and I have no idea why.

So I am procrastinating

And yeah I am kind of aware of the irony of writing a blog about procrastination instead of doing the work….

I hope it passes. I really do.

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