I Have Run Towards the FEAR!!!


this is a scared secret squirrel.

This week muka kids was giving a massive opportunity to take part in a new project (yet to be revealed). I was given a 10 day time frame to get my proverbial together and bring in a crowdfunding campaign (more than this I cannot say). It totally freaked me out! 

I have my oldest starting school on Monday (and all the hesitations, emotions and excitement that go with that). I took on ANOTHER bit of research to deliver in the same time frame last week, alongside my already existing work. To top this all off I know sweet fanny adams about making a video (and frankly have no funds to pay a professional). And this I need to do in 9 days!

BUT, the potential for muka kids is massive. It would drive the launch that much closer, enable me do the trip to India I need to do to meet the producers and really tell the muka kids clothing story, and allow me to get the samples made. All of which would mean I could do less of my consulting work and dedicate more time to muka kids. This however is just the cherry on top. The main pie would be the buzz that muka kids could have around it from being involved in such a launch.

SO, I ran towards it. I will as usual be taking a deep breath and asking for help (which frankly I am rubbish at doing, might make me look vulnerable you see…sound familiar?). But muka kids has been from the start all about exposing myself to a new way of going forward with my life.  I don’t know if I will make the cut yet, but I feel really excited about trying*.

*Note to my sponsor and long suffering partner, I thank you in advance for forgiving me for being a weeny bit grumpy in the next few weeks…

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