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Here is the detail…

1.You buy ethically & sustainably produced clothing from our accredited partners worldwide.

Most of the clothes we wear today are created by people, mainly women, working in pretty desperate conditions in the developing world. These people, from cotton farmers through to garment workers, are exploited by a garment industry which also destroys local environments as a standard part of production. This is just totally uncool .

We want to support people who are producing clothes the sensible way; so we partner with and accredit labels whose clothes are made under independently certified ethical conditions and in a way that cares for the environment. You can trust that what you buy from our partners is really made in a way that can sustain us all. To find out how we accredit and who we accredit read ‘our good brands’ page.

2. ‘Regood’. Trade preloved clothes from our good brands on our marketplace.

Once you are are done with the clothes, list them for sale on our shop. Give them a new life (and divert them from landfill). Given the clothes are all made by people interested in sustainability, you will find they have a longer life span and retain a good amount of their value.

In addition to the cash back on your original investment, we have a unique way of saying thanks for ‘Regooding’.

3. Be Rewarded. Regooders get discounts from our partners.

We want to reward you for thinking about the life of the clothes after you have done with them & keeping clothing clear of the landfill (this is where most discarded clothing ends up, even the stuff that gets given to charity).

When you ‘Regood’ clothes on muka kids you earn rewards by way of discounts with our partners. These discounts make it that little bit easier to keep buying ‘good’ clothes as your kids grow.

BUT there is even more for you to feel great about when you use muka kids to rehome your clothing.

4. Feel good. Part of your ‘Regooding’ proceeds can be used to fund micro loans for struggling women farmers in India.

These women struggle to make a living from cotton farming, they are extremely vulnerable to price volatile. They need alternative incomes to see them through the hard times and help them remain free of the debt trap of subsistence farming in India. Small business loans help these women develop their own viable businesses, empowering them within their community and doing a whole world of good for especially their girl children.

The proceeds from trading your clothes on muka kids can be used to fund small loans (microloans) for women in cotton farming communities in India. You can choose to give all the proceeds of your ‘Regooding’ to the microloan fund if the mood takes you.

Either way by using muka kids you are helping build the market for a more sustainable way of producing clothes, dressing in the ‘good’ stuff AND supporting women in poverty to find independent incomes.

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