Filming Muka Kids: Part 3

By now most of you will have seen the crowdfunding video which came out of the process I’ve documented in the last few blogs ‘filming muka kids’. This is the last post in the series. The editing.

Chris & I talk editing

Chris & I talk editing

This is a picture of my friend Chris & me,  talking editing while we were filming. I think if he had known what lay ahead his expression would have been different. Like scared.

I had intended that this series be a photo blog, but alas when you lose the will to live part way through editing you unsurprisingly have no desire to take photos either.

Chris saved me. He worked thoroughly and sensibly and took breaks. He worked when I was not there and NEVER, not once, mentioned that he might be regretting this just a little.  There was a wee awkward patch though when we discussed the use of z in revolutionizing I will admit…

The first night we made the mistake of aiding our efforts with a wee shot each of caffeine from my beloved La Peppina. For those of you who do not know La Peppina is my partner in muka kids (and also our antique hand pulled home espresso machine). This did not so much make us alert as just damned anxious. So after we left at 11pm we both, I suspect, lay awake till 2am with too much caffeine coursing through our systems, wondering whether this thing would ever end. I also wondered  if in fact the sound of me saying “Hi I am Jess” would be permanently burnt into my aural memory…

But worry not! The next night (Tuesday, the night before the video was due to be submitted to the Spark My Potential team), Chris was calm, we ate only colour free lollies (sorry Chris, I broke your sugar free patch) and we even had a few laughs. And the thing was done. Chris was brilliant. He fine tuned, and twiddled and matched up audio tracks so my lips moved in time with the words (always useful).  He cut and matched pick up tracks I had done that day,  and he made me truly grateful that I have a friend who does brilliant work keeping New Zealand Music and Art alive & kicking  (check out more of his stuff here).

So if you have not seen it, check out the video with the child stars. And my ever and grateful thanks to all those who helped me make the video and supported me through the process. The adventures continue…

muka kids: revolutionzing how kids clothes are made & used


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