Expanding Muka Kids To The Grown-Ups

Adults clothing at muka

Let make this short and sweet: We have a problem with our clothes, but we also have a solution and you will love it!

We need more ethically made, organic, durable clothes for kids that we can swap, sell, pass on and eventually recycle (hence why muka kids was created). BUT really the nature of the clothing industry has changed so much (especially for women’s clothing) that we now buy, wear, discard, reuse, repurpose our clothes as adults at near the same rate as kids do (all be it for different reasons).

We SHOULD all buy less BUT….

Yep we should buy less, it would help. We should buy more durable, better designed and only those things we either REALLY LOVE or really really NEED. That would help. We should buy our new stuff ethical and organic and sustainable and all that awesome stuff. BUT you know sometimes we don’t always make it, sometimes it is too hard, we just want something new, something different. Sometimes it just costs TOO much. Sometimes we buy the wrong thing, we wear it a few times, it just does not work. We expand, we shrink, we change our style. So what to do? Does this make us bad people? Or just people? People in an environment of excess who are trying to do good, but boy oh boy is it hard.

Instead of seeing this as a problem we at muka see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to give us all a break and make buying grown-up ethical organic clothing easier, more affordable, and buying something new a positive experience!

We KNOW the Nature of Fashion is Change

We can we think satisfy that need and desire for changing our fashion and still do ok for people and the planet. We can do it by “ReGooding” our ethical organic ADULTS clothing too! Read all about what this “ReGooding’ thing is (hint is is all good!). In short, you buy ethical organic clothes, sell them on muka kids once you are done and get rewards (discounts) with our accredited ethical sustainable partners for “ReGooding” your previously new (bit still lovely) clothing for helping save the planet and do right by the mainly women employed in the textiles industry across the world. Yay for you!

ReGooding For The Grown-Ups!

So in the next month we will put together a list of the adult clothing brands that meet our ethical and environmental criteria that you can trade on the shop. Please do feed into this process by looking at our ethical criteria at the bottom of this page and telling us which clothes you have that meet it (It is a community people so your legwork helps!). Have a look at these two blogs for women and mens ethical fashion for a starter of who is likely to make it on the approved list.

Then you can start listing and trading away in the muka shop! We will continue to develop the partnership model to make sure you can get discounts on new clothing too for ReGooding your adults clothes!

So get all your friends to JOIN UP to the shop, let them know it is FREE to sell ethical and sustainable adults clothing and a great place to buy it!


Jess Berentson-Shaw founded the social enterprise Muka kids’ to connect consumers, designers and garment workers across the world, and empower them to make the clothing industry a sustainable one. Muka kids has a marketplace to trade preloved organic, ethical & sustainable clothing. Through its partnerships with accredited brands it also helps make new sustainable clothing more affordable. Sales on the marketplace fund a micro finance scheme for women cotton farmers in India trying to pull themselves out of poverty. 

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