20 Ethical Clothing & Organic Clothing Brands for Kids We LOVE

Ethical clothes for kids we love

Ethical clothes for kids we love

We know it is hard sometimes to get hold of ethical clothing & organic clothing for kids. You mean well, intend well and then? Well the practicalities just get in the way of doing well. Muka kids is a social enterprise that exists to make it a lot easier to get hold of fantastic affordable ethical clothing & organic clothing for kids. One way we help is we have a marketplace for buying & selling accredited pre-loved (and some new) ethical and organic clothing. In this blog we want to tell you about the best of these accredited brands. Some of these brands actually offer discounts to those who trade on muka kids. So if you buy ethical sustainable clothes new &  ‘Regood’ them on our marketplace we reward you for being sustainable and well just super.

Ethical clothing all starts with some great small companies

In the muka model it all starts with those fantastic people pushing the boat out in small and independent ethical clothing and organic clothing brands, doing their darnedest to do the right thing and make clothes that meet ethical and sustainable standards. It is HARD: a hard slog, lower returns, with a small (but growing market) of customers.

These ethical clothing companies and the people who run them care. They care deeply about changing the way the clothing system works, and while all of them might not have the gold standard for ethical clothing or organic clothing in place right now, I tell you they are striving to do things a better way AND make sure they have a successful ethical business so they can keep making a difference.

Ethical Clothing Brands & Organic Clothing Brands We LOVE* (many of which you can find on our marketplace in affordable preloved condtion)

We love these clothing makers for making not just ethical clothing, organic clothing and sustainable** clothing for kids but for making it COOL (oh, and actively working on being transparent in their production chains).

(If you are looking for ethical men’s clothing, we’ve got that covered too, as well as a great guide on 21 ethical fashion brands for women).

With you and these businesses on board as our partners we can start creating a great community of people who can change the clothing system and empower all those women involved it in along the way.

We will keep adding to this list (we may even create a searchable online database!!). We do want to ensure you can trust our list so prefer to have some personal experience of the clothes or the company. ALL these ethical clothing or organic clothing brands ship worldwide!

20 Ethical Clothing & Organic Clothing Companies for Kids (the alphabetical list)

Ava & Luc

They say ‘Ava and Luc clothing is bright, fun (kids love wearing our stuff) and most importantly hard wearing and practical.’

We say ‘Certified organic cotton clothing, unisex, colourful AND super comfy PJs, T-shirts and dresses. Love it!’ (We’d also love a little bit more info about their ethical manufacturer.)

0-8 years

UK based. Worldwide shipping.


Boys & Girls

They say ‘Our clothes are colourful, comfortable, modern & fun with an emphasis on great unisex pieces that are perfect for all types of play.’

We say ‘Certified organic cotton clothing for babies and kids, some certified fairtrade cotton pieces, unisex, practical, colourful. They really last, too, we have found! Awesome.’

0-8 years

UK based. Worldwide shipping.


Duns of Sweden

They say ‘organic, unisex and unique’

We say ‘organic certified cotton clothing for babies and kids, part of the production is fair trade, colourful, unisex – those Swedes know how to do FANTASTIC funky design for kids. No stereotypes here thanks!’

0-13 years

Swedish based. Worldwide shipping.

(NOTE for Kiwis: Duns is stocked in NZ by Kirsten at the fabulous Hoopla Kids)



They saythe home of truly organic, natural, beautifully designed cotton clothing for babies, toddlers and children’

We say ‘Certified organic AND fair trade cotton clothing. This Kiwi company produces some great unisex basics in a kinder way.’

0-4 years

NZ based. Worldwide shipping.


Eternal Creation

They say ‘Fair trade & Fabulous – making bold & vibrant fashion, sleepwear & accessories for ethically conscious shoppers.’

We say ‘Ethical Clothing Leaders. With a long term and total commitment to improving the ethics in the clothing industry as well of the lives of the people that work for them in India. Leaders in their field, with an inspiring story! (And one of the few catering for early teens.) What is NOT to love?’

0-14 years

Australian based. Worldwide shipping.


The Fableists

They say ‘Play Hard, Live Forever. Making the coolest clothing for little punks! Garments that are not only beautifully designed but made well and completely sustainable.’

We say ‘Fantastic, utilitarian-influenced clothing in hard-wearing denim. Certified organic cotton clothing  and organic denim, ethical clothing for kids with some fair trade cotton clothing. Providing a great alternative for cool kids.’

3-10 years

UK based. Worldwide shipping.

Freedom Kids

They say “Fun, ethical and gender neutral clothes’

We say “New Zealand based Freedom Kids is a stockist of many of the awesome brands listed here, with the bonus of focussing on those clothing companies that say ‘come on guys what is with the boys and girls should dress differently rubbish?’ They stock all the way up to the early teens too! We love what Rachel is doing. She rocks

0-10 years

NZ Based. Worldwide Shipping


While not really a children’s clothing outfit we give Freeset (who make organic certified cotton t-shirts under fair trade conditions providing alternative employment for women escaping sex slavery) an honourable mention because next time you are thinking of a bulk order for kids’ or adults’ t-shirts for an event DO go to them!

NZ company, based in India, worldwide shipping.



They say ‘we design clothes that children really do love to wear, and we celebrate childhood through great design.’

We say ‘Certified organic cotton clothing and ethical clothing brand.  SA8000 certified (means their garment factory workers conditions are pretty ethical, so good on you guys). Cute and kid like! Lovely.’

0-10 years

UK based. Worldwide shipping.



They say ‘eco pioneers since 1996.’

We say ‘Sometimes you just need some good basics – organic underwear, organic bedsheets and organic socks for the family without having to resort to the unethical stuff – this is a good solid option.’

0 – ? (it is a little unclear)

UK based. Worldwide shipping.

Hoopla Kids

They say “Fun and colourful GOTS certified organic cotton clothing for babies, kids and women. Danish rainwear for little and big people who love getting outside.”

We say ” Those scandinavians know how to dress kids so they look cool, colourful and are ethical and sustainability superstars, and we need more of it here, so yay to Kirsten for bringing it to us! Her NZ based online store brings in a wide variety of northern european brands including Duns and More than a Fling, ships anywhere and stocks bedding and some adults wear too”

0-12 years

NZ Based, Ships Internationally.


They say ‘Fashion is a reflection of what’s going on in the world. It’s our version of now.

We say “Design led, fantastic northern European styling, and a clear commitment to a transparent, more sustainable and social responsible supply chain.Ethical clothing of the highest order’.

1-8 years

Based in the Netherlands. Worldwide shipping.



They say ‘We’re a British/Swedish brand for all kids up to 7 years. All garments are made using organic cotton and are designed to let kids’ personalities shine’.

We say ‘Certified organic cotton clothing, unisex European clothing with funky, clever hand-drawn prints. They get it. Kids are quirky and so can their clothes be. Personal fave! We’d love to read a bit more on the story of the cotton and ethical production.’

1-7 years

UK based. Worldwide shipping.


La queue du chat (The Cat’s Tail to you non-Frenchiphiles)

They say ‘very very french creations’

We say ‘Certified organic cotton clothing with a fair trade certified production chain. A total commitment to sustainability through the long term relationships they have developed with their producers in India.  So chic, so French, so ethical, SOOO beautiful!’

0-10 years

French based. Worldwide shipping.


Little Green Radicals

They say ‘Organic fashion for free range kids…. mission to make beautiful things the right way.’

We say ‘Certified organic clothing AND fair trade clothing, a solid ethical brand from the UK, whimsical and fanciful fun-filled prints. Good stuff all round.’

UK based. Worldwide shipping.


Nature Baby

They say ‘nature has done a wonderful job of creating the perfect functional fabrics. All we have done is add to this great, natural design.’

We say ‘certified organic baby clothing and organic merino clothing, simple, soft and very stylish. A lovely kiwi classic you baby. Maybe the future might include some fair trade cotton too?”

0-4 years

NZ based. Worldwide shipping.



They say ‘Avant Garde Eco couture made in Germany. In the style of the Pâtisserie, macarons stands for colorful and exquisite baby clothes. We use only the finest organic and fair-trade materials.’

We say ‘Delicious. This is seriously desirable stuff at the top end of design and sustainability. Beautiful craftsmanship. They have total control over their supply chain, use certified organic cotton and other innovative sustainable materials. These clothes will become family heirlooms.’

0-8 years

German based. Worldwide shipping.


Mini Rodini

They say ‘Unique and sustainable kids clothes. A Mini Rodini garment is not only fun to wear or just look at, but is also produced in a way that is kinder to the environment and the people behind it.’

We say ‘We love this Swedish company. Pioneers in sustainability, this is more than certified organic cotton clothing and recycled materials, this is a company whose core value is sustainability and it is in everything they do – if only all companies could be like this. Fun, fantastic and forward looking! An ethical clothing brand for others to aspire to!’

0-11 years

Based in Sweden. Worldwide shipping



They say ‘lovely little clothes for lovely little people’.

We say ‘Certified organic clothing AND Certified Fair trade cotton clothing for ALL their garments. We LOVE you guys for going the gold standard way!!

0-8 years

UK Based. Worldwide Shipping.



They say ‘At Pureborn Organic, we deliver beautiful products at reasonable prices without compromising quality or integrity.’

We say ‘Certified organic cotton clothing, soft, simple and wearable. New Zealand based organic simplicity for bubs.’

0-2 years

NZ based. Worldwide shipping.


ReCreate Store

They say ‘organic, designer, ethical.’

We say ‘certified organic cotton clothing, a deep and enduring commitment to providing fair and supportive employment to women in Cambodia wanting alternative employment, and some funky thoughtful designs. No oatmeal here! An ethical clothing brand with great promise. We think very affordable organic clothing it is too! Looking forward to see more.’

1-5 years

NZ based. Worldwide shipping.



They say ‘undies that won’t go up your bum.’

We say ‘Certified organic cotton underwear (love to know a bit more on the certification), knitted AND then made in NZ, super comfy with super awesome designs. These undies rock as well as coming from an ethical clothing brand!’

0-10 years

NZ based. Worldwide shipping.


Ethical or Organic Bed sheets, Bedlinen & Duvet Covers

Duns @Hoopla Kids in NZ

Fun and colourful organic cotton bedding, made ethically in India. Who doesn’t want a radish duvet cover for their little one?

Fox Organic Kids – UK certified organic cotton bedsheets and duvets

They say ‘Bedlinen that kids like but that doesn’t offend adults.’

We say ‘Certified organic cotton bedlinen, bedsheets and duvet covers for babies and kids in quirky and kind designs (who does not LOVE a fox?). Made in Europe and with an ethical brands commitment to doing it the right way. Who would not want organic cotton sheet for their baby if they looked like this?’

all years

UK based. Worldwide shipping.

See also Green fibers above


Honourable mentions, and others you may want to explore (we have not yet had the chance)

Greenbeans – NZ based bamboo & certified organic cotton baby clothing

Kate Quinn Organics – UK based certified organic cotton clothing

Kite Clothing – UK based, certified organic cotton clothing

Maxomorra – Swedish based certified organic cotton clothing

Mimi & Will – UK based, some certified organic cotton, eco screen printing

Pigeon – UK based organic cotton clothing

Ruby and Rata – NZ based organic cotton clothing

Where does in come from? –UK based, ethical clothing brand,  transparent and committed to artisan skills and wome’ s development.


* These are all companies we have had some personal experience, with either through buying the clothes ourselves (no one has gifted us any and this is not a paid review), or seeing them in production during our ethical clothing production research in India. We have a strong leaning towards unisex brands because we believe this is a more sustainable approach (more kids can wear them) and gives kids more freedom to be whatever they want! We also believe fully in design led sustainability. Research has shown that ethical clothing will not succeed based solely on its ethics. It competes on the playing field with all other non-ethical clothing, where design and style is a key driver in how people shop. If we are going to move ethical clothing to the mainstream it is critical that it as, if not more, awesome than other clothing.

As a quick aside we would really encourage these companies as they grow to consider adding certified fair trade cotton to their range if it is not already there, as it has a massive impact for the poorest of those in the whole production chain: the cotton farmers.

**A note on the criteria of ethics and sustainability. Certified fair trade cotton and organic cotton is the current ‘gold standard’ for ethical and sustainable clothing, because it is a totally transparent process that is audited by independent third party organisations. There are other systems of ethical and sustainable accreditation, including World Fair Trade Organisation, SA8000 etc. After spending some years researching this area, going to India and asking some hard questions we know others are working hard for a transparent sustainable and accountable approach in their supply chains. We have highlighted this and we suggest you may also ask a few questions yourself so you can draw your own conclusions.

Muka kids’ social enterprise, is a platform to trade pre-loved organic and ethical clothing. Muka kids helps make quality, ethical and sustainable clothing more accessible to all. In additional, a percentage of sales made on muka is given to women cotton farmers in small business in India. Helping them find financial independence and escape the debt trap of subsistence cotton farming (the substance 80% of our clothing is made from).

24 Responses to “20 Ethical Clothing & Organic Clothing Brands for Kids We LOVE”

  1. This is just BRILLIANT, thanks, Jess.

  2. I’ll add a few user notes of my own:

    Worth remembering that THUNDERPANTS do other clothes too (and also big ranges for adults, of course, as you’ve noted on your menswear post) like singlets. We have a lovely one that our boy wears a lot.

    We also have and love PUREBORN and LITTLE GREEN RADICALS and EARTHLINGS and NATURE BABY clothes (among others, but those I can picture without rifling through the drawers!). NB and LGR are particularly hard-wearing, still looking practically new after a year or two.

    I’m heading off for some online shopping right now, inspired by this list to find some new options. Thanks heaps for this!

  3. Thanks for including us. Keep up the fab work!

    Co-founder at Frugi

  4. Just bought three gorgeous tops for my little boy from Rata and Ruby in Raglan. Beautiful and beautifully made, soft and gorgeous. They look a million dollars and look like they’re going to wear really well. Highly recommended so far.

  5. Another company that Fair Trade and GOTS certified is Colored Organics http://www.coloredorganics.com They ship internationally too!

  6. I just received my organic cotton top for my niece from http://eyesofveena.com/ . What I love about this company is that the founder visits their factories in India every season and works along side the women their. They are truly a transparent company, and I love to see where and how my products are being manufactured! Great article btw!

  7. Great list!, we started our little shop http://www.alittlebitmilo.com because we were looking for somewhere that we could buy beautifully designed ethically made clothes. Many of the brands we stock use GOTS certified organic cottons eco friendly dyes and biodegradable wools.

    • Thanks Guys, great to hear from you. That is some super stylish kids clothing! Love love love the unisex angle. Would love to see a little bit more on the website about the ethical and environmental criteria you (and the brands you stock) work to (maybe I missed it?) Jess

      • Hey, Sorry about the late reply, I thought I had sent a response! Most of those details are listed on the About, sections of the individual brand pages. If you select, Brands, then choose a company e.g. Organic Zoo, the details should be there. Please let me know if you want to see more.

        Thanks, have a great weekend!

  8. Hello. I am a teacher in Ventura, California–home of Patagonia and Pacific Iron Works. My student teacher just created a unit on Critical
    Thinking and Problem Solving using the documentary True Cost as the catalyst for researching and problem-solving our biggest problems. I am going to pass on this website to them (close to 200 kids) and all of my friends and relatives. (I am a new grandma). We may get the teens to start a Green, Mean, Sane, No-blame revolution. They are already afraid we may be too late to save ourselves. They are going to work hard to prevent that.

    • Hi Marilyn, what a great message to get! thanks so much. Innovation is totally at the heart of this and a groundswell of young people who beleive that they can affect change both in terms of a consumer driven industry like clothing and at the political level. Thanks again. Jess

  9. Hi! I am inspired by your work! Awesome! I was a teacher with the NYC DOE for many years. I now live in Colombia. I am the mother of two amazing kiddos and I since becoming an expat I have been wanting to start an ethical clothing business. I have been able to find plenty of artisan seamstress over here, however, I am having a really hard time finding certified organic fabric in Colombia. Can you point me in the right direction?

  10. This is so great, thank you! Your posts on organic clothes have been especially helpful for us. Thanks for sharing.

    Sense Organics India


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